I had an acquaintene in the mid 90s when I lived in Ashland who was making an abrupt move to Arizona and needed money. He told me he was selling his motorcycle for $200 dollars and asked if I'd be interested. I said 'What is it?' He said 'Yamaha 400' - I asked him if it was an Enduro and he said no... it's an RD. Did it run? I asked and he said it did. Immediately we went to an ATM and I handed him the money and the next day I went to get it. BLEW ME AWAY! It was perfect - Nicely tricked out with DG pipes, clip-ons, and the gold anodized high compression head. I hadn't had a bike for quite some time so I went to a local dealer and bought a nice Bieffe helmet and I was STOKED !!!
One day later, my best friend came by and asked to take it around the block which of course I let him do. When he came back, he came into our living room and meant to say Johnny! That's a great, sturdy, safe motorcycle you got there, BUT NO. In front of my adult daughter and woman I was about to marry he exclaimed "Jesus Johnny! You're going to kill yourself with that thing!" After he left, both those women said 'Get rid of it' of course I said no. Then they repeated themselves GET RID OF IT and guess how long I had it after that? That's right - two days. It was gone in two days. Sure I tripled my money, but it was gone in two days. Sad.