My dad bought me a 1967 Honda CL 90 for my 16th birthday.
I wanted a Hodaka Ace 90 like my friends had, but no... Prior to my birthday I told my father I was taking Driver's Education, when in actuality I was scheduled to take that class in the next semester which meant at the time of delivery, I was not licensed to drive. So... I was only allowed to ride it up and down our dead-end street and the large field near our house. I followed his rules but man, our neighbors must have hated me. Hour after hour up the street, circle around and back to my house. Repeat. I had that bike both my Junior and Senior years of high school, then I boxed it up and put it on the train and had it shipped to New Orleans where I rode all over that city to work and to LSUNO until I was expelled... At one point I took a hack saw and cut the muffler off the head pipe and it instantly became an even bigger neighborhood annoyance. Before returning to California two years later, I sold it to a kid from the other side of town. I hope he stayed safe and had a blast, as did I.