1973 Honda CL350 - People love these bikes but why? Heavy. No power. I owned one briefly in the early 80s when I lived in Myrtle Creek and coming from the Bultaco Pursang a few years earlier, I hated it.
Yet fast forward to 2019 when I was on the Isle of Man for the Manx GP there were several of these running the Junior class topping 130 on the straights! How? We befriended an Irishman who rode one there and he offered to take us around the 37 mile course, telling us about every turn and bump - it took about an hour. This is the type of tour you can't even pay for - priceless. When we got back we asked him to have dinner but he said no, he had his in the camper. I asked him if I could send him something from Oregon and he said 'Well Jon, we can always use some engines!' Ha. Honda 350 twin. Who knew?