Curriculum Vita

Assistant Professor, Sociology, Texas Tech University
Chief Editor, Electronic Journal of Sociology
“Professing Excellence” Award Winner, 2004

Personal Information:
Born: February 23, 1970
Citizenship: United States

Ph.D., Sociology, University of British Columbia, 2002.
M.A., Applied Sociology, Northern Arizona University, 1995.
B.Sc. (hons.), Sociology, Southern Oregon University, 1993.

Medical Sociology, Deviance, Criminology, Popular Culture, Social Psychology, Inequality, Research Methods, Sociology of Education.

September 2002-current: Assistant Professor of Sociology, tenure-track, Texas Tech University.

January-April 2002: Instructor in Criminology and Deviance, University of British Columbia.

April-June 2002: Instructor in Deviance and Sociology of Mental Health, Western Washington University.

March 1997-September 2001: Instructor in Sociology and Colloquium Departments, Southern Oregon University.

Sept. 1993-May 1995: Teaching and research assistant for Social Statistics, Deviance, and Introductory Sociology, Northern Arizona University.

2005: “A+ Professor” Teaching Award, Texas Tech University.
2004: “Professing Excellence” Teaching Award, Texas Tech University.
1995: Outstanding Graduate Assistant Teaching Award, Northern Arizona University.

($35,300) Principal Investigator, “Measuring Health Disparities in Rural Counties: A Comparative Analysis.” Internal grant from the EXPORT Center for Research on Rural Health Disparities, Texas Tech University. September 2005-January 2006.

($20,000) Co-Principal Investigator, "Faith Communities Impact Upon Healthcare Outcomes in Rural West Texas." Grant #: 1R24MD001097-01 from the National Institutes of Health, National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities.

($10,100) Principal Investigator, "Neuropsychological Disorders in Children Living in Adverse Conditions." Grant #: 1R24MD001097-01 from the National Institutes of Health, National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities.


Rafalovich, Adam (2004) Framing ADHD Children: A Critical Examination of the History, Discourse, and Everyday Experience of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Latham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield-Lexington Books.

Refereed Journal Articles/Book Chapters:
Rafalovich, Adam (2006, forthcoming) “Broken but Becoming God-Sized: The Narrative of Masculine Individualism in Metal Music.” Symbolic Interaction.

Rafalovich, Adam (2006, forthcoming) “Notes on the Assignment and Application of Breaching Experiments.” Teaching Sociology.

Rafalovich, Adam. (2006, forthcoming) “The Aftermath of the Terrorist Moment: Anomic Responses and the Fractured Western Weltanschauung.”in Bernie Philips (ed.) Terrorism: A Web Approach. Paradigm Publishers.

Rafalovich, Adam (2005) “Exploring Clinician Uncertainty in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder.” Sociology of Health and Illness. 27: 305-323.

Rafalovich, Adam (2005) “Relational Troubles and Semi-Official Suspicion: Educators and the Medicalization of Unruly Children.” Symbolic Interaction. 28: 25-46.

Rafalovich, Adam (2001) “Disciplining Domesticity: Framing the ADHD Parent and Child.” The Sociological Quarterly. 42: 373-393.

Rafalovich, Adam (2001) “Psychodynamic and Neurological Perspectives on ADHD: Exploring Strategies for Defining a Phenomenon.” Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour. 31: 397-418.

Rafalovich, Adam (2001) “The Conceptual History of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Idiocy, Imbecility, Encephalitis and the Child Deviant, 1877-1929.” Deviant Behavior. 22: 93-115.

Rafalovich, Adam (1999) “Keep Coming Back!: Narcotics Anonymous Narrative and Recovering Addict Identity.” Contemporary Drug Problems. 26: 131-157.

Book Reviews:
Rafalovich, Adam (2006, in press) “Prozac on the Couch.” Social History of Medicine.

Manuscripts Under Review/Current Research Projects:
Rafalovich, Adam and Crystal Adams. “The Loopholes of Regulation: Direct-to-Consumer Advertising and the Illusory Enforcement of Disciplinary Protocols.” Under Review at Social Problems.

Rafalovich, Adam and Andreas Schneider. “Metal Music Motifs as the Politics of Contemporary Youth Culture.” Under Review at Free Inquiry in Creative Sociology.

Peek, Charles and Adam Rafalovich. “Criminalization or Medicalization: Social Class as a Predictor of Labeling Outcomes.” In progress.

Rafalovich, Adam. “Exploring Methodological Differences in ‘Flagship’ Sociology Journals: An International Comparison.” In progress.

Rafalovich, Adam (2005) “ADHD as a Negotiated Illness.” Southwest Social Science Association, New Orleans, LA.

Rafalovich, Adam (2004) “Exploring Clinician Uncertainty in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder.”American Sociological Association, San Francisco, CA.

Rafalovich, Adam and Jennifer Arney (2004) “The Neuro-Chemical Self: DTC Advertising and the Changing Notion of Self-Efficacy.” Southwest Social Science Association, Corpus Christi, TX.

Rafalovich, Adam and Andreas Schneider (2003) “Metal Music Motifs as the Politics of Youth Culture.” American Sociological Association, Atlanta, GA.

Rafalovich, Adam (2003) “Conceptual Frames for Mental Illness: Keeping History in the Picture.” Southwest Social Science Association, San Antonio, TX.

Rafalovich, Adam (2002) “Heavy Metal Music: Some Political Vicissitudes.” Pacific Sociological Association, Vancouver, BC.

Rafalovich, Adam (2001) “Towards a Convergence of Genealogical and Ethnographic Methodology: the Case of Mental Illness.” Pacific Sociological Association, San Francisco, CA.

Rafalovich, Adam (2000) “The Aluminum Self: ‘Reflections’ of Modernity,” presented at the Schneider Museum Panel on Aluminum Sculpture, Ashland, OR.

Rafalovich, Adam (2000) “Searching for Conceptual Origins of Childhood Deviance,” presented at the Oregon Academy of Sciences Annual Conference, George Fox University.

Rafalovich, Adam (1999) “Warhol Made this Powerbar: Pop Art and Mass Consumption,” presented at the Schneider Museum Pop Art Panel Discussion, Ashland, OR.

Rafalovich, Adam (1999) “But Mzungu, You Have Sooo Much!: Nodal Points and Kenyan Culture,”presented at the Oregon Academy of Sciences Annual Conference, Willlamette University.

Rafalovich, Adam (1994) “Keep Coming Back!: Living and Learning Ideology,” presented at SSSI's Stone Symposium, University of Illinois.

Sociology of Mental Health, Social Theory, Social Problems, Deviance, Introductory Sociology, Social Psychology, Sociology of Education, Sociology of Sexuality, Gender Roles, Popular Culture, Criminology, Alcohol, Drugs and Society.

Texas Tech University:
M.A. Thesis Chair, Jennifer Arney: “Examining the Health Impacts of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising,”2004.
M.A. Thesis Chair, Brooke Longino: “The Uncertain Diagnosis: Exploring the Three Realms of ADHD Discourse,” 2004.
Faculty Advisor, Sociology Honor Society (Alpha Kappa Delta), 2003-current.
Sociology Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, 2003-current.
Social Work Faculty Recruitment, 2002-current.

Southern Oregon University:
Sociology Club Faculty Advisor, 2000-01.
Colloquium Textbook Editorial Committee, 2000-01.
Colloquium Program Curriculum Committee, 1998-2000.

May 1995-August 1995: Worked in Kenya as a development volunteer for Peace Corps USA; duties included lecturing on public sanitation and overseeing various construction projects.

October 1992-Jan 1993; October 1996-January 1997: Performed in the Nutcracker with the State Ballet of Oregon.

March 1997-September 2001: Ran a program for teaching beginning, intermediate, and advanced studies in percussion; overseeing about twenty students, instruction emphasized sight-reading and preparation for competition performances.

Edited Volume:

Co-editor of Beginnings, 2001 4th edition: a 600 page reader which serves as the basic text for the 1000 students of Southern Oregon University Colloquium. Editorial duties included scrutinizing dozens of articles, organizing content, writing biographies of authors, and designing study questions for students.

Reviewed for Journals:
The Sociological Quarterly
Electronic Journal of Sociology
(currently EJS’s Chief Editor)
Social Problems
Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences
Free Inquiry in Creative Sociology

Social History of Medicine

Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction
Oregon Academy of Sciences
Southwest Sociological Association
Pacific Sociological Association
American Sociological Association

References available upon request.