NOLA day one (2/23/06)

Just south of Baton Rouge - noon today
I was two cars behind this truck as this happened. Everybody walked away :)

Big wind damage 10 miles north of New Orleans.

Lots of free stuff inside!

Volunteers handing out food, water and clothes

Tons of stuff like this

The Common Ground Collective is building lots of bikes from these parts -
Some volunteers stay in these tents.

This is the church were administration, cooking and de-contamination of
demolishing crews occurs - volunteers are fed and bunked here, too.

Another view from around the corner.

This is what most streets look like for miles. Most houses are empty - there is
electricity in very few spots. Some people are staying in their homes without plumbing or
water - there are porta-potties all over.

Here you can easily see the water mark - this may not be the high level, but
where it stayed the longest (?).

Most houses have to be gutted - this is what many volunteers are working on.

Some trash contains expensive things - most everything has been ruined.

Every house has marking on it.

So old the ink has faded.

The collective leaves notes offering help.

Common scene.

Wishing heater was working better...