Last Day, heartfelt goodbyes

An example of a gutted house.

Some of the oldest houses have lath on the studs, but still the mold covered plaster
has to go, same as drywall.

Malik's back yard. This is the original site of Common Ground Relief.

Here's the computers - all wired up, waiting for their desks.

The garage / office where I stayed.

Roscoe, the best dog in the world : - ).

Malik. If the vigilantes come to shoot Malik - there he is ; - )

Happy journalists from Vermont learning Malik Rahim agrees to an interview.

Myself, Malik Rahim, Sakura Kone, Don-Paul, John and Tiffany
Sukura Kone is Volunteer Dirretor and a music promoter who has brought may acts to Ashland. Don-Paul (sometimes Ashland resident) seems to be in charge of money, need a check, see Don-Paul. John is a volunteer extrodinaire, also a sometimes Ashland resident. Tiffany is the main contact to the outside world. Answers the phone all day, every day,

Hey FEMA trailer! You're going the wrong way!